There are five central topics discussed in this project. They will be analyzed by all participants, gathering their perspectives on the topics’ potential of creating a sustainable development for the city of Mannheim.


How will future housing concepts look like? How will housing serve the needs of a growing city and of shifting lifestyles? Where is room for new housing development and how can existing housing stock be transformed to cater user needs?

Get involved

How can citizens be directly included in administrative processes? How can communication between the public and the city politicians be enhanced to work towards the necessities of all Mannheim’s citizens?


How will we move from point A to B? How will we travel more sustainable? What will mobility concepts of future cities look like and how can new conveyances be included into the existing mobility grid?

Community Building

How will Mannheim’s citizens shape the future of their city and enrich their divers communities? How should spaces look like, that caters to everybody’s needs?


What will future working-concepts of a sustainable economic region look like? How can Start-Up-Clusters and new forms of co-working influence everybody’s future?

Summary of all UrbanLabs

Have a look at all of the UrbanLabs. There you will find further information on the diverse research topics of the project and will be able to inform yourself about the current progress of Migrants4Cities.

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